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Here at Statelemy, we encourage you to share your thoughts on all things style, beauty, lifestyle, and wellness. We are committed to sharing content on our site that is on trend in terms of fashion, health, beauty, and more. The Guest Posting section of Statelemy is open for anyone to contribute to.

Suggestions for Guest Bloggers

If you’d like to share your opinions on our blog, here are some rules we’d want you to observe.

Article Duration:

We anticipate a well-researched, informative essay with more than 500 words from you, as this length is optimal for capturing the attention of readers and doing well in search engine rankings. So, please check that this first condition is met in your article.


It’s crucial that you choose a topic for your post that has some sort of connection to our site. This will expedite the process of publishing your content on our blog. As a result, before submitting an item you should double-check that it fits into one of our blog’s topic areas.


Please send us stories that fit into the following topics: Fashion, business, technology and other general articles.

If your blogs cover similar ground to ours, we’d love to link to them. Also, please do not submit us completely unrelated pieces of writing, since we will most likely not publish them.

Related resources:

Include a link to your own blog in the text if it makes sense. Only two relevant Do Follow links to your own blog (from the same domain) are permitted.

Making a profit:

Please refrain from using the guest post to market or promote any other items or websites, as this would fall under the advertising area. Simply send us an email with “Sponsored and Advertisement” in the subject line if you’re interested in collaborating on a sponsored post.


Your writing ought to be inspiring and upbeat. If you’re interested in seeing some samples, feel free to peruse the previously posted articles on our website, wowfashionlife.com.

Reader-focused writing:

The entries should reflect your unique voice and personality. Write for your intended readers and make sure they find your posts interesting.

Write in a way that is accessible to your readers:

If your post is user-friendly, readers will have no trouble understanding what you’re trying to say. Format your articles using a primary header, a few secondary headings, and key terms in bold. When you really need to, use bullet points too.


Including images in a piece will attract more attention. Therefore, make sure you incorporate appropriate images, infographics, and videos within the content and give credit where it is due.

No advertising links allowed:

Affiliate links within articles are not permitted as they would negatively impact the site’s credibility. Please use “advertising” as the subject line of your email if you wish to promote an affiliate link or other form of advertising.


Articles that have been copied and pasted from other websites are never acceptable for publication. Such content would never be allowed on our site. We will not publish your article if we discover that it contains plagiarized material. We believe that it is important to recognize the efforts of others.

Submitting Your Article

Articles can be sent to us in Word format. You can send us a proposal and some ideas if you want to write for us before you actually submit the post.

Email me at [email protected] if you’d like to get in touch.

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